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If you want the best bar-b-que around, you’ve found it. The smoke in the parking lot will bring you in, and our food and service will keep you coming back. Nothing pretentious or fancy – just the best food and the best service. We are your favorite spot to grab a delicious meal, where your waitress will know your name, or at the very least, remember what you like to drink.  Eat with us, take it home, or let us cater your next event.

We cook the old-fashioned way - with hickory wood and slow. After all, it takes time to convince that smoke to make our meat so tender and delicious. We specialize in smoked meats, and by smoked we mean it - with wood. No wood chips charred on a gas grill, but big pieces of hickory in a firebox. It’s a lot of work getting those fires going, just ask any of our pit masters on a windy morning.

We believe that all of our hard work pays off by satisfying you with the best ‘que around.